V is for Veggie
Wednesday — September 15th, 2010

V is for Veggie

Some people say there never was a Veggie Monster. But have they ever considered that the current Cookie Monster might be an imposter? He’s been acting mighty out of character for a few years now…

Freelance Work

Isaac here. Shawn and I have been uber-busy this week with upcoming deadlines at work and with freelance stuff. Honestly, you can blame this week’s lack of comic on me, though. I have the artwork in hand, but have not had a chance to color it or letter it.

But I have a good excuse!

The final artwork I’ve been working on for the Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson is due in about a week, so I’ve been using every spare hour to polish it up. This is going to be one cool book. I hope all of you will take a look at it when it comes out on August 17th. It’s one of the best books he’s written, and the book as a whole will be a very unique experience for readers.

Thanks for your patience! There will be a comic update soon! Until then, feel free to curse my name!

RRT Later This Week

Due to deadlines at our day jobs (and freelance work) RRT will be a day or two late this week. The good news is that the next four weeks have pretty much been written…ideas just keep coming. Thanks for being along for the road trip.

Crazy Weekend–RRT Later Tonight

The title of the post says it all. We had some interesting things happen over the weekend, and I was unable to get RRT posted this morning. Look for it late tonight. In other news, my taxes are done.